Durianrider Podcast

Thanks for requesting me to get on the podcast train!

Im on most of the popular podcast apps now if you do a quick search for 'durianrider raw truth'.

Here is a link to my Durianrider Raw Truth podcasts on Google Podcasts


Here is a link to my Durianrider Raw Truth podcasts on Apple podcasts


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  • Todd Morris

    I’m an aspiring podcaster and I’ve been a fan of your lifestyle for a long time you’re one of the reason I think it’s possible for me to have a popular podcast.

    I really feel you’d be an interesting guest to have on my podcast.

    Currently I don’t have a huge following so if you were to come onto my podcast it would provide little to no benefit to you other than the satisfaction you’ve helped someone in there pursuit.

    Feel free to check me out @toddlife_ on Instagram and Toddcast on Facebook. Yep that me the morbidly obese guy that probably needs to switch to vegan and carb up.

    Anyhow thanks for taking the time to read this.

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