Top 5 Things I Do In Chiang Mai For Fitness & Health

1. I start every day with a bike ride to the market for a fresh fruit breakfast or a ride up to the top of Doi Suthep for a fresh fruit smoothie with added sugar. I bring fill my 2 water bottles at home and by the time I reach the smoothie stall that is 10.9km up the Doi I have finished that water and can then SAVE PLASTIC by getting the smoothy ladies to fill my empty water bottles with awesome fruit smoothy!

2. Each week I do an adventure ride of between 80-200km. I do it at talking pace and its really fun. 

3. Every night I hit up Maya Mall as downstairs they have a vegetarian buffet that sells oil free vegan rice dishes. Just ask them 'what is oil free tonight?'. They speak great english.

4. I drink enough water each day that Im pissing clear every 2-3 hours.

5. I go to bed around 9pm and get up about 5am and start work for an hour then jump on the bike. This routine keeps me SO lean and full of energy.


  • Nathan E. Mullikin

    Hey Bro!

    (long comment)
    About 6.5 years ago my girlfriend and I watched Forks Over Knives and I read Blue Zones. The vegan diet made perfect sense to me, but I still didnt try to do it. My gf and I sorta talked about doing it, but I wasn’t serious.

    A day or two later I was cooking eggs for my daughters and my gf walked in and talked crap to me about feeding our daughters eggs(i thought breakfast without eggs was impossible). My gf went on to say that I didnt care about our daughters because of what I was feeding them. When she said that something inside of me snapped. But I didn’t yell, I didnt get violent, instead I calmly turned to her and said, “OK, you want to go vegan, we are going vegan.”

    She was equating a vegan diet to caring about our kids. So I was challenging her on that. I KNEW she would not be able to go vegan. I knew she would only last a few days at most. And so I decided in my head that I was going to be 100% vegan for two weeks, and then after two weeks(after she failed miserably) I was going to bring up our argument, and say, “SEE! You are the one who doesnt care!” I would win the argument, and then I would go back to my standard american diet.

    But during those two weeks something strange happened. The migraines I suffered from for 15 years suddenly vanished. My knees stopped aching. My stomach stopped hurting. My energy levels went through the roof, and most importantly I felt happier.

    So after two weeks I forgot all about our stupid argument and became a devoted vegan. I didnt do it for the animals, I did it for myself.

    But yeah, I initially went vegan out of spite.

    Healthy living isnt about 20 years down the road, its about right now. Eating healthy improves your quality of life right now. Its not about tacking on an extra 5 or 10 years when you are an old person.

    My gf came to hate my vegan diet. She refused to stop feeding our daughters animal products.

    A few months later I bought a bicycle because my gf kept breaking all our vehicles. I finally said f-it, Im just going to ride a bike to and from work.

    A few months later I got my first smart phone and soon discovered YouTube. Two of the earliest videos I remember watching were a stealth bike camping video by Ken Kramm, and another video by Unconventional Living where he was riding across australia?

    Derek led me to you.

    After about 4 years of being vegan I tried an experiment. You were talking about how Sprite makes you lean, and sugar makes you lean. So I began drinking sprite(4L a day) and using TONS of sugar in my morning smoothies. My performance on the bike greatly improved and I started getting lean as f. In fact, it worked too good. I got so lean i could see veins popping out of my chest (i was also cycling about 40 miles a day on a MTB, that was probably too much).

    So IMO you are totally right about sprite and sugar.

    After about 5.5 years of being vegan I began lifting weights and got little results, and I also started feeling depressed. Some smart people I know challenged my beliefs in a vegan diet, and as an experiment I started adding meat back into my diet just to see what would happen.

    I started with just tuna. But within a week I started eating eggs, and beef, and eventually McDonalds burgers. My food addiction took over and I couldnt control it. I didnt even want rice or potatos anymore.

    I stopped exercising immediately because I had ZERO energy.

    When I was vegan I never had to drag myself outside to exercise. When I was vegan I had so much damn energy I couldnt stop myself from exercising.

    I tried tweaking my animal diet. I went 100% meat based for a while. I did keto for a while. I even ate raw meat and eggs for a while. Nothing came close to the results I had when I went vegan.

    I ate animal products for a little over a year. Maybe its just a coincidence, but the past year of my personal life has been terrible.

    Ive recently made the commitment to go back to a starch+sugar based diet. Im about 5 days in and feeling so much better. Im never going back to animal products.

    You and McDougall are the best in the business. But my experiment with sprite and sugar proved to me that sugar is not a problem at all. McDougall needs to admit that, and he needs to stop confusing people.

    Ive been watching lots of presentations by Neal B and John McDougall and it pisses me off when I hear them talk about bad foods like “meat, dairy, eggs, oil AND SUGAR”

    Sugar is bad? Neal B. says sugar is addictive? Then what the hell was Dr Kempner doing? Poisoning his patients?

    Dr McDougall says he uses the Kempner diet for some patients. If sugar is bad, it is bad.

    Only good things in moderation. If sugar is bad, the Kempner diet would be bad, yeah?

    Thank you Harley
    Im back!
    -Nathan M

    P. S. Are you related to some dude named Darcey? I know a guy down there with the same last name as you.

  • Eric

    Just seen this posted on my facebook.. thought you would be interested

  • Margaret Bhadungzong

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  • Robert

    Watch your stuff all the time i live in Phetchabun Train very hard i try to get in x 6 per week average 300/50 km week always intervals every session. I race MTB here in Thailand won many trophy am 60 years old love the fit, bike eating nutrition things that you do, I’d love to train or meet up seriously i’m a serious rider and very dedicated person in general been here over 18 years have good bikes do MTB road races to. I want to get some drone filming in around the mountains near where i live have some crazy mental hills of and on road open land to film i’m wondering if you can help me on this come down and meet me or i’ll come up, I’m racing in Chaing Rai Singha park 9th Dec. travel all around the country, love to meet you straight up. Please reply. Can send you some pic’s myself with trophy’s from all my raceshere i only started riding in Thailand i was like an ox when started now around the 70kg i am 1.78 tall.

  • Josh

    Hey I’m going down to OZ in the summer (most likely Jan) and stay for a couple months. How can I get in on the coaching or even just meeting up with you?

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