Top 5 Things I Do In Chiang Mai For Fitness & Health

1. I start every day with a bike ride to the market for a fresh fruit breakfast or a ride up to the top of Doi Suthep for a fresh fruit smoothie with added sugar. I bring fill my 2 water bottles at home and by the time I reach the smoothie stall that is 10.9km up the Doi I have finished that water and can then SAVE PLASTIC by getting the smoothy ladies to fill my empty water bottles with awesome fruit smoothy!

2. Each week I do an adventure ride of between 80-200km. I do it at talking pace and its really fun. 

3. Every night I hit up Maya Mall as downstairs they have a vegetarian buffet that sells oil free vegan rice dishes. Just ask them 'what is oil free tonight?'. They speak great english.

4. I drink enough water each day that Im pissing clear every 2-3 hours.

5. I go to bed around 9pm and get up about 5am and start work for an hour then jump on the bike. This routine keeps me SO lean and full of energy.


  • God bless durian rider


  • Peter

    Hey Harley,

    Love your videos. While I’m not a vegan, I am improving my diet and am pretty much a vegetarian. Thanks to the remote nature of my job, I am able to work from anywhere. I’m looking to spend a month in Chiang Mai. I’m a cycling fanatic and average over 1,100 km per month. I live in Colorado so I don’t have issues with riding at high altitudes. Just wondering if you do any group rides in Chiang Mai. If so I would love to join and ride with you.

    Thanks, Peter

  • Daniel stankoski

    hey :) how do i go about riding with your groups?

  • darrick

    vegan gains in the basement, lol

  • Cori

    U R the realist Harley! I hope to visit with you guys in Chang Mai soon and will want some help choosing a bike!♡☆

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