Durianriders Lean Body Bible
Natasha has bought a copy of DLBB and has been following the protocols since 2015 when she was just 17.

Durianriders Lean Body Bible

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This is the latest 7th edition for 2022!



✔️Kickstart your metabolism by training the smart way vs the hard way

✔️Save thousands by avoiding gimmicks and fads in the cycling industry

✔️For any fitness or experience level

✔️FREE updates ensure this information is future proofed

✔️Reinvent your entire shape and energy levels

✔️Included is my constantly updated bike and product buyers guide saves you so much time and money! (This information alone is worth thousands and you get free email updates with any changes I make so you always have the best bike buyer guide going.)

I created this cycling ebook with the intention of creating the BEST product a new or experienced rider could purchase. I give ALL the best tips so you get the fastest results and save THOUSANDS of dollars by not getting caught up in marketing hype that pervades the cycling industry. No cycling product has ever given such pragmatic and real world advice. This simply IS THE BEST CYCLING ADVICE YOU CAN GET and its taken me over 2 decades to test it, formulate it and then simplify it so anyone can understand and use it.

Become fitter than you ever thought possible AND in the shortest amount of time by following the pragmatic steps covered in this ebook.

Cycling is the real reason why my crew and I are in great shape all year round. If you have been watching me for a while you will have seen some incredible weight loss and fitness transformations in my community.

EVERYONE should train, but not everyone knows how to do what! I'll show you how it works and why it works!

This is the LAST training manual you'll ever need if you want a fitter and firmer body.

BECOME and above all, stay as fit as never before in your life. The Lean Body Bible is easy to understand written and available as a download in eBook format, so you can start reading right away. Durianriders Lean Body Bible contains ALL the best and simple cycling information you need to get started or get better.

It has an updated buyers guide which gives tips on what is the best model bicycles to get to meet your fitness goals.

What is inside?

* Durianrider's concentrated knowledge and all his experience on 122 ebook pages - open, direct and ruthlessly honest.

* You'll go deeper into the matter and learn what my RawTill4 lifestyle is all about and why it works so well.

* You will learn what makes you slim and fit and you will also learn what leaves you fat and burned out. It's your decision. Only you have it in your own hands and this book is the key to it.

* You will also learn the background of how and why sleep, water and carbohydrates control your hormones and thus your weight. If you have internalized and understood that, then the rest is #justeasy;)

* And do not worry, Harley manages to explain even beginners and complete newcomers understand what a power meter is, why it is so important for your fitness and how you can easily train with it, to quickly achieve good results.

* Harley will take you safely by the hand in his guidebook and will help you with the purchase of your first road bike, as well as with the patching of your bike tube and teach you how to ride in groups, how to make your bike theft-proof and much more. 

* This book is not just beginners as even a few pro tour riders have purchased it you can spot who they are by how ripe their bananas are in their jerseys. ;)

* The English original as well as the German translation are constantly updated to reflect new features, so you can be sure that you will always have the latest version on the day of purchase. You also will get an email with any future updates ensuring you ALWAYS are up to date with what is the latest and greatest pragmatic products. 

 *As my eBooks are digital, all purchases are considered final at the point of purchase as there is no guarantee that they will not be used.