UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider
UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider

UNLIMITED Direct Coaching From Durianrider

Regular price $250.00


Do you want to make 6 figure income on youtube/social media like I helped so many do?

Do you want to finally lose the last 5 or 50kg?

Do you want to PR in your next marathon?

Do you want to do your first Ironman?

Do you want tips on dating, relationships, injury prevention, travel etc?

Do you want advice on a new bike or shoe purchase?

Do you want to be in a positive and supportive group with hundreds of other like minded individuals?

Are you tired of being told and sold lies just so fake people posing as coaches/mentors can over charge you with bogus product/templates that will never help you reach or sustain your goals?


After years of constant demand I have finally created this private facebook group where you can ask me ANY questions you have about fitness, weight loss, health, nutrition, minimalism, running, cycling, relationships, youtube careers, digital nomadism, king cobras etc etc AND you are GUARANTEED I will answer you and keep answering you until you feel your question is answered in a way that you actually understand!

I get literally over 500-1000 direct questions a day across youtube, emails, tumblr, facebook etc and I have never been able to keep up. I have over 5000 videos up on my youtube channels and have answered more questions on tumblr than anyone else Im told BUT I still have a desire to create a place where people can reference and not get distracted by trolls etc and that is why I have created this facebook group.

A few hundred people are already in this group so its also going to a great place to meet like minded guys and gals and let's be honest I don't know anyone who has introduced more couples to each other in the vegan scene. ;) I also don't know anyone else in youtube history who has helped more youtube channels become big from the ground up and if you have been watching my stuff long enough you will know who I'm talking about. 

*I'm not sure how long I can keep this offer up but I will honor it to anyone who has paid to be in the group. Meaning that if I pull this offer I will still be answering your questions on that facebook group for as long as Im alive or you keep asking me questions there. :) 


1. Why only $250USD for LIFETIME coaching???? Other people charge that for a flu shot, bottle of wine or a jar of cacao powder but you are going to give us ALL your life experiences and personal effort into answering EVERY one of our questions in a facebook group?? Why so cheap Harley???!

Well I've always prided myself on giving the absolutely best advice anytime someone asks me for it and I've always been driven to provide the absolutely best value for anything I produced or sold. These are personal rules that I live by daily. I do have free facebook groups but they get smashed by trolls and the vibe can quickly sour. By having a pay wall that anyone can afford it keeps the trolls out and the community tight. It also gives me the obligation that you have paid for my time and I WILL DELIVER BACK TO YOU. It also shows you have invested in me therefore I will find it easy to invest back into you if that makes sense. 

2. What if I don't want to ask questions and just want to read the answers you have given other people? 

Hey fine! Lurk all you want and browse as much as you want. Feel free to message other people in the group. It's just facebook and we all know how to use it.

3. What if I don't have a facebook account?

Create one and join the cult of people taking action and getting it done!! :)

4. Do you do 1on1 private coaching?

Sorry I don't do that anymore as I prefer the group format where I can help you but others can also be helped by reading the answers from me. By helping you on this group you and I also get to help others as they can see ALL the conversations and answers and you can also see theirs. This is the best learning environment I know of and also the most fun as it builds community and triggers more emotions meaning we all learn faster and have even better real world results.


This product is access to a PRIVATE VIP COACHING facebook group where you can get UNLIMITED questions answered direct from me. It's like paying an entry fee into a nightclub where the music never stops and there is no closing time. You pay your $250USD and get LIFETIME access to my private facebook group of like minded people where you can network, lurk or ask me all those questions you always wanted me to answer or hear my opinion on.

1. Add the product to your cart then make the purchase and then send me the screenshot of your receipt to durianriders@gmail.com and put COACHING in the subject title so I know to open it.

2. I will send you a link to the facebook group and you submit a request to join. Tell me what facebook name you want to use in the group and I will approve your request to join. (You can use a real account OR an alias account if you want to ask more private questions in the group.)

3. Start asking me questions in the facebook group and expect me to actually reply in detail because I finally have a group where I can keep up with the demand! :)

4. This is a NON refundable coaching product. ONLY if you are SURE you want to live your best life, have way more money in the bank each year, get super lean and fit AF then please join the group. :)